8 weeks of 30-minute sessions plus a 15-minute daily exercise, is all that it takes for you and your kids to become One with the Universe.

During this time you and your kids will:

  • Discover that your subconscious mind is your connection to the universe.
  • Tap into that power consciously and at will.
  • Learn why prayers, hopes and wishes seldom come to fruition.
  • Discover the importance of consciously evaluating desire.
  • Learn to stop fighting your nature.
  • Discover that emotions are messages from the Universe.
  • Learn how to interpret your emotions.
  • Become one with the universe everyday, all day.

Imagine a life in which you and your kids lead lives free of fear, anxiety and frustration. That's what One with the Universe will do for you and them. Who among us would fear anything when we are able to tap the power of the universe consciously and at will?

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Whether you view the universe as God's creation, a spiritual nature, or an energy, an essence, in and of itself, you acknowledge a greater power...a wisdom much greater than ours.

At the core of all the great religions, of spirituality, of the awe we experience in nature, are three basic precepts:

  • Our desire to become better people.
  • Our desire to overcome our base instincts...the undesirable aspects of our human nature.
  • Our desire to help and encourage others.

For its in the progress we make toward achieving these goals that we find joy, peace, and fulfillment in everyday living.


The lessons in One With The Universe are congruent with these three precepts and, accordingly, easily incorporated into whatever religious, spiritual, natural beliefs you possess. It's not for me to decide which beliefs you should possess, follow, or pass along to your child. My goal is to share with you ways in which you and your child can tap into the wisdom of your higher power for solutions to problems and answers to the questions that intrigue you.

Unanswered questions

Who among us hasn't felt that:

  • our prayers have gone unanswered?
  • our meditations unproductive?
  • our questions to the universe lost in the ether?

There are a couple of reasons why we experience these feelings:

  1. We don't realize that we're already connected to the wisdom of this higher power via our subconscious minds.
  2. We're asking the wrong questions.

Your connection is your key to wisdom

Your subconscious mind is your connection to your higher power. You don't need to trust me on this. You've had days in which you've wrestled all day with a problem to no avail. You go to bed a night wondering what the solution to the problem will be. The next morning, during your shower, the answer suddenly appears. It's so obvious that you wonder "Why didn't I think of that before?"

What you experienced is your subconscious mind, your connection to a higher power, at work to solve your problem. Depending upon your beliefs, God, a spiritual nature, or the universe, answered your question.

You also see this connection at work when an idea suddenly appears that seems to have nothing to do with your background or experience. In these situations, the higher power is alerting you to the fact that you're ready to take on the opportunity presented by this idea.

The wrong question

When we're wrestling with a problem, it is natural to wonder if there's a solution. Similarly, when an opportunity presents itself we wonder if we have the talent, experience, or resources to be successful pursuing the opportunity. The if question plants the seeds of doubt in our subconscious. Because the if question doesn't beg a solution, the subconscious mind is left to vacillate between doubt and hope...usually with doubt overwhelming hope.

The question we should ask is "How do solve this problem?" or "How can I be successful in pursuing this opportunity?" These how questions direct the subconscious mind to seek an answer from your higher power, in whatever form you believe it takes. Your higher power always answers how questions with an effective way of accomplishing what you wish.

I'm not asking you to trust me on this. I want you to begin asking your higher power the how questions and experience for yourself that what I'm saying is true.

Once you've learned to trust that what I'm saying is true, give me a
call at 314-707-3771 and I'll help you teach your child how to tap into the higher power at will, in accordance with your beliefs.