Why Good Triumphs

We’ve all heard the old adage that good triumphs over evil. And for the most part we believe that. The times we doubt that is when the “news” media sensationalize (which is almost all of the time) the “evil” that a small percentage of the population perpetrate on others.

Back to our original premise that good triumphs. There’s a very simple reason for this and that reason is energy.


Good expands energy, evil exhausts it. You know from personal experience that when you do something good, or are in the presence of people who share your desire to do good, that your energy level grows exponentially. You can’t wait to continue these feelings of joy, excitement and goodwill.

Conversely, when you do something you later regret. or are in the presence of people filled with fear, anxiety, frustration or hate, that your energy level drops dramatically leaving you feeling exhausted.

This disparity in energy levels is what explains why good triumphs. It explains why people who consistently do good continue their good works for decades and tend to lead longer, more productive lives than the vast majority of the population.

Let’s contrast that with what we see in people who are in so much pain that they feel the need to transfer their pain to others. Mass murderers either end up taking their own lives or inviting police to end their lives for them.

You may have noticed in the first paragraph that I placed the word evil in parentheses. I did that because people who inflict this kind of pain on others do so because they’re trying to alleviate the pain they’re experiencing or, genetically, their wiring is faulty. I don’t believe that it is their intent to be “evil”…although, on the surface, their actions seem so.


You’ve felt what I just said to be true in your personal life. You see the same results when you look at history. Regimes that inflict pain on their citizens or others inevitably falter and fail while those that support the rights of individuals tend to thrive even when they hit inevitable bumps in the road.

This latter group has the energy to withstand, learn from, and adapt as a result of the mistakes they make. Their citizens’ desire to see others thrive extends the energy of the country beyond what any individual is likely to muster on his/her own.

So what does this mean for you?

For you

The next time that you find yourself questioning whether good really triumphs, remind yourself of the difference in energy that you experience when you’ve done something good for others versus how you feel when you may have done something you regret.

Which energy is more sustainable? Which is more desirable to you? You’ll quickly realize that the energy you have when doing good expands and energizes you while the energy during those other times tends to exhaust you.

With this knowledge, you’ll realize that it is in your power to positively influence the energy in any environment in which you find yourself. You’ll realize that when you enter environments fraught with fear, anxiety and frustration, your energy can completely change the energy in that environment. As you discover this, you’ll reinforce your belief that good triumphs.

One other thing that you can do to help yourself is to limit your exposure to the “news.” I have chosen to only glance at headlines, then investigate only those articles that afford me an opportunity to learn something new.

That means that I avoid the negative press…attempts by the media to instill fear, anxiety and frustration into my life. Knowing that good triumphs enables me to look at the misfortunes of life and know that, in the long run, things will turn out alright. That’s the power of knowing that good triumphs.

For our kids

When your kids exhibit fear, anxiety and frustration, remind them of the difference in energy they experience when they’re doing good versus something they regret. Remind them that they have the power to choose to be other centric rather than egocentric and, in doing so, enable themselves to change their energy and the energy of their environment.

Also help them filter the news so that they can protect themselves from the fear, anxiety and frustration that the “news” media like to sensationalize.

Finally, live the message. They’re more likely to embrace your message when you live it.

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