Treasuring Your Own Little World

There are times when I miss what someone said because I’ve been in my own little world. When that happens, I apologize and candidly admit where I’ve been; followed by: “And it’s a really happy place.”

How often are you enjoying your own little world? When I ask this question, I find that very few people spend any time at all in their happy place. They’re too busy pursuing their dream.

Don’t get me wrong, pursuing dreams affords us joy as well. We should always be pursuing a dream. But we should also be taking time each day to enjoy moments when we’re alone with our thoughts. We should be allowing our thoughts to meander from appreciation for the good fortune we enjoy to thoughts of what we want next in life to examining what works well for us and what creates problems for us.

The key to treasuring your own little world is to allow these thoughts to come to you without judgment. Acknowledge these thoughts for what they are, opportunities to revisit the joy you experienced earlier, the joy to which you’re looking forward and the joy of knowing that you’ve grown personally. 

I’m not suggesting that you hide out in this world. It’s essential to your happiness that you focus your attention the the things that need to be done as part of everyday living as well as those that will move you closer to making your dreams reality.

But you should also allow yourself five minutes or so, two or three times a day, to visit the quiet, happy place that is your own little world. For it’s in this world that you often get ideas that make your life simpler, your problems less daunting, memories of the good in your life more vivid. It’s in this world that your subconscious mind provides answers to the things that trouble you as well as memories of joys you experienced over the years. It’s what makes this such a happy place…a place you treasure.

For you

In the morning, shortly after rising, remind yourself that when your mind is free, when it isn’t involved in a specific task, you’re going to take a few minutes and just let your mind wander. Also remind yourself that you’re not going to judge your mind’s meanderings, instead you’re going to view them with the intent of learning something that will help you in the future.

Each evening, shortly before retiring, return to your little world to savor your successes during the day. View missed opportunities for what you learned from them. That way you won’t judge, or demean, the successes you enjoyed.

For our kids

All too often adults worry when kids “daydream.” Consequently, we make conscious efforts to get kids to focus…to be productive. If successful in these efforts, we rob kids of the joy of their own little world. We deprive them of the time in which they’re enjoying the good that they’ve experienced, the joy of dreams of the future, the ability to learn from challenges they faced.

Of course, there needs to be balance. As long as your child isn’t spending countless hours in their own little world, there’s no need to worry. It’s healthy for them to periodically, throughout the day, to visit this world.

If they seem distressed, encourage them to visit their own world and allow their minds to wonder. Let them know that when you do that, you often find solutions to whatever it is that you’re facing.

Also let them know that if their visit doesn’t produce the answers they’re seeking, to let you know and you’ll see what solutions the two of you can come up with. Let them know that there are times when others’ insights have helped you deal with challenges you faced. That way they know that it’s okay to seek assistance when they’re struggling to find answers on their own.

Allowing your kids time in their own little worlds assures them a healthier, happier life.

Feel free to share this blog with those you feel would benefit from this message. It’s an easy way to say “I love you. I’m thinking of you.”

I love hearing your thoughts and experiences, please share your thoughts in a comment.

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    • Dale Furtwengler

      It’s also a great way for new ideas to surface. Some of the best ideas I’ve had have come during time in my happy little world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Bill.

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