Things Just Seem To Work Out

Audience members were asked why they’d take a bet with long odds, they responded “Things just seem to work out.”


The speaker outlined a bet with long odds and a $1,000 payout. He then asked the audience “Would you take this bet?” Most said they would not. The few that said they would were asked why they’d take the bet. As you already know, they responded “Things just seem to work out.”

New awareness

I heard this story decades ago. The idea that things just work out stuck with me even though I didn’t know why…until recently.

In recent years I’ve noticed that things seem to work out well for me…even in simple, everyday occurrences. Here are a couple of examples to illustrate my point.


My lawn needs mowing. The chances for rain today and for the next four days is 70% or better. I begin mowing anyway and complete the task rain free. 

Over the Memorial day weekend just ended, my wife and I decided use the weekend to mulch (6 cubic yards). We’d just gone through over a week of temperatures in the upper 80s with high humidity. The temperatures over the Memorial weekend…upper 60s. Things just seem to work out.

As I’ve begun to notice that things just seem to work out no matter what I’m doing, I’ve also noticed my attitude and approach to life has changed. I’m just beginning to realize that I’ve developed an acceptance-adaptation mindset. This mindset initially developed subconsciously. Now I’m becoming consciously aware of why my life has gotten easier…why things just seem to work out.


I’ve come to realize how little control I have over the outcome of any effort. The only thing I can control is my effort. This awareness triggered the second element of my mindset, adaptation.


When I realized that I can’t control the outcome, I automatically began to think about what I would do if things didn’t work as I’d hoped. In essence, I found myself planning what I refer to as recovery shots in my book, Lead a Life of Confidence. Although at the time that I wrote the book I didn’t have as clear an understanding of what that meant as I do today.

I’ve also discovered that when I’ve had to adapt, the result was better than what I had planned.

Joyful living

Life is more enjoyable today than it has ever been because I no longer fret over the outcome. Instead, I know…with absolute certainty…that I’ll be able to adapt to whatever outcome life presents.

Enhanced spirituality

In addition to enjoying life more, I feel a closer connection to God, the Universe or whatever term you use to indicate a greater intelligence. The fact that things just seem to work out gives me a sense that my willingness to accept whatever outcome occurs and my confidence, and willingness, to adapt brings me more in alignment with this greater intelligence. It seems as if my mindset of acceptance and adaptation increases the likelihood that what I desire occurs.

For you

I’m sharing this with you in the hopes that you too will begin to place less emphasis on the outcome. For the outcome of any initial effort is simply the initial outcome, not the final result. As you anticipate how you’ll adapt if you get an outcome different that you anticipated, you’ll find that things tend to work out more frequently than ever before in your life.

Your life will become easier, less stressful, more joyful and you too will experience a stronger connection to the greater intelligence…a connection that we all possess, although too few of us actually feel that connection. Or feel it only sporadically.

For our kids

Live a life of acceptance and adaptation and your kids will mimic your behavior. Teach them to accept the fact that they can’t control the outcome of any specific effort, but they can assure the outcome of cumulative, adaptive efforts.

You’ll know that they’ve embraced the messages when you see them approach life knowing that things just seem to work out.

Feel free to share this blog with those you feel would benefit from this message. It’s an easy way to say “I love you. I’m thinking of you.”

I love hearing your thoughts and experiences, please share your thoughts in a comment.

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2 Responses

  1. Bill Prenatt

    Dale, I experience to a lesser degree the feelings that you expressed about things working out. More recently I have been focusing on surrendering control which seems to be making a difference.

    I’m curious, does the principle of things working out apply to our medical health as well?

    As always, I appreciate your wisdom!

    • Dale Furtwengler


      I don’t know that I can offer proof, but I do feel that it applies to all aspects of life…including health issues. For one thing, when you surrender control knowing that you have the ability to adapt, you experience less of the health-damaging stress that so often contributes to, if not triggers, health issues. Doctor Dan has repeatedly told me that much of my good health is attributable to my mindset. Who am I to argue with his wisdom?

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