Teaching Confidence, registered in the State of Missouri, provides training to individuals who want to become Certified Teaching Confidence Instructors. The training is done in group classes via videoconference.


If at any time a participant in a training program decides that he or she is not happy with the training, regardless of the reason, the participant will receive a pro-rated refund of the fee paid for the certification program in which the person is currently enrolled. The proration is calculated by dividing the number of sessions delivered by the total number of sessions in the program. Delivered is defined as the number of sessions presented by the instructor whether or not the student participated in those sessions.

If at a later date the person decides to reenter the Teaching Confidence Certification Program, the fees for that program will be non-refundable.


Teaching Confidence will never share, sell, or distribute any participant’s personal information to any other party, including Teaching Confidence affiliates, without express written permission from the participant. Certified Instructors have the option of being listed on the Teaching Confidence website along with their contact information so that people desiring confidence training can hire them.

The group videoconference classes will be recorded so that participants can review earlier lessons and access lessons that they weren’t able to attend. The classes are structured to enable participants to learn from one another as well as the Teaching Confidence instructor. Because of the confidential nature of the personal experiences participants share with one another, access to the recording will be limited to the Teaching Confidence Instructor and the participants in that particular class.

Participants agree that the instructor may use those portions of the videos where the instructor is presenting new information or clarifying information, for the express purposes of marketing their classes and in the creation of online self-study courses. Instructors agree that they will not share any portion of the recordings of participant’s experiences in any online course or marketing material unless the instructor has received written prior approval from the participant.

Any Certified Teaching Confidence Instructor who violates any part of this provision will immediately have his or her certification revoked and his or her name will be removed from the list of Certified Teaching Confidence Instructors on the Teaching Confidence website.


Because so much of the learning in the Teaching Confidence programs occurs in the performance of the 15-minute daily exercises and by participants sharing their experiences from the exercises with one another, each participant agrees that it will hold in confidence the information other participants share about their experiences. As part of this commitment to privacy and confidentiality, the participant agrees that he or she will NOT share access to the video recordings of the class sessions with anyone who isn’t a participant in the class.

Failure to hold participant information confidential will result in immediate dismissal from the program and prohibition from participation in any future Teaching Confidence programs. No refund will be provided to any participant who violates this confidentiality provision.


Any participant who successfully completes the entire Teaching Confidence Instructor Certification training will become a Certified Teaching Confidence Instructor. To become a certified instructor, the participant must complete the certification program demonstrating both a thorough understanding of the Teaching Confidence concepts as well as the ability to teach effectively.

Certified Teaching Confidence Instructors who demonstrate an exceptional ability to evaluate others’ potential as possible Teaching Confidence Instructors will have the opportunity to become Master Teaching Confidence Instructors and, thus, will be able to certify other instructors. To become a Master Teaching Confidence Instructor, the certified instructor must complete the Master Teaching Confidence Certification Program and demonstrate an ability to spot potential certified instructors by recommending highly-qualified future instructors.


Participants who become a Certified Teaching Confidence Instructor will be given copies of the training materials for use in their work as a Certified Teaching Confidence Instructor. Certified Instructors have permission to modify the visual aspects of the materials (images, font size and style and other visual aesthetics). Certified Instructors are also encouraged to use examples from their personal lives in lieu of the examples provided in the training materials. Certified Instructors agree that they will NOT alter the training concepts or exercises in any way. Certified Instructors agree that it is essential to the integrity of the program and the consistency of their students’ experiences, that the confidence concepts and exercises remain unchanged.

All participants, whether they become certified or not, agree that they will not disseminate Teaching Confidence Certification training materials or exercises as it would be a violation of the copyrights held on these materials. Participants also acknowledge that violation of these copyrights will result in legal action and that they, the participants, will be responsible for all costs associated with protecting the copyrights including the copyright holder’s costs.

Participants who, for whatever reason, don’t complete the certification training agree not to use the Teaching Confidence Certified Instructor or similar designation in their endeavors whether for profit or not-for-profit. Unauthorized use of the Teaching Confidence Certified Instructor or similar designation will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the Teaching Confidence training and certification programs, which cannot be resolved by the Parties, shall be settled by arbitration in St. Louis, Missouri in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the reward rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.