Confident/Joyful Living

Congratulations on your interest in living lives of joy, peace and fulfillment…a life others’ desire.

I’ve created three self-study programs, one for each of the three levels of confidence:

  • Level 1:Consistently confident, even with no background or experience.
  • Level 2: Converting confidence into influence and opportunity.
  • Level 3: Tapping into your subconscious mind, consciously and at will, to solve problems more quickly and to convert emotions into productive behaviors within nanoseconds.

To make a confident, informed decision about whether or not these programs are right for you, explore the sample lessons and exercises in PDF format to the right. Enjoy!

If you’d prefer to download this sample program, simply click on the arrow on the top right and use the download button common to all PDF files.

Don’t just view the file; do the exercises and enjoy the amazing growth in confidence you’ll experience.

Self-study programs

Get the most from your investment. Buy one copy and have the whole family engage in the exercises. Share your successes, and struggles, with one another. You’ll not only gain confidence, you’ll create an amazingly wonderful bond with your entire family.

All programs are provided in downloadable PDF formats. When you’ve completed the purchase of the program you want, you’ll be directed to a page with the course content. Please bookmark that page since it’s only available to purchasers of the program. That page will NOT appear on any menu on this site.

Complete Confidence Program

This program includes all three levels of confidence PLUS tips on joyful living.

36 weekly lessons, 5 minutes/lesson, 15-minute daily exercises

Investment $900



Level 2 Confidence Program

As you become proficient at the second level of confidence, people begin to say “You don’t think like other people do, you look at the world differently than other people do, you see things others don’t see, yet what you say makes perfect sense.” That’s how you gain influence and attract opportunities.

7 weekly lessons, 5 minutes/lesson, 15-minute daily exercises

Investment $300


Level 1 Confidence Program

Ideal for folks who feel that they lack confidence. You are already confident in some situations, just not as consistently as you’d like.

16 weekly lessons, 5 minutes/lesson, 15-minute daily exercises

Investment $300



Level 3 Confidence Program

Neuroscientists tells us that your conscious mind operates at the computer equivalent speed of 40 to 60 bits/second, your subconscious mind operates at 10 to 12 million bits/second. Imagine being able to put that computing power to work for you consciously, and at will, to solve problems and convert emotions into productive behaviors.

10 weekly lessons, 5 minutes/lesson, 15-minute daily exercises

Investment $300