Parents not only want their children to be successful, they want them to be good people...people others admire and appreciate. That's why I've created this trilogy of books and the sample lessons associated with them. I want you, your children, and all future generations of your family to experience joy, peace, and fulfillment in everyday living.


It begins with learning to be confident even when you have no background or experience in what you're facing. It's the key to freeing yourself and your children of fear, anxiety, and frustration.


It takes that kind of confidence to believe that you can retrain your mind to overcome natural tendencies that cause us virtually all of the problems we face. In the process, you'll gain tremendous influence.


Once you've learned to trust in your ability to retrain your mind, you're ready to use your mind to tap into the wisdom of a higher power, whether you view that higher power as God, a spiritual nature, or the universe.