Random Thoughts and Readiness

I’m certain that you’ve had this experience: out of the blue an idea hits you and you wonder “Where did that come from?” It’s the universe, or God, telling you that you are ready for the idea.

Random thought

Recently, a dear friend wondered “Do I need to renew my contract with my coach?” She had not previously given any thought to this question, it just surfaced one day…seemingly out of nowhere. 

She told me that ever since that thought arose she had been wrestling with the question of whether or not to renew. On the one hand she didn’t feel that she needed additional coaching. On the other hand, she hated losing contact with a coach who’d helped her so much.


I suggested that the mere fact that the question arose, without any conscious intent, indicated that she was ready to move on from an obviously successful coaching engagement. The ideas that spring, unsolicited, from our subconscious mind indicate that we’re ready for whatever the idea purports.

That doesn’t mean that we have to act upon the idea. That’s a choice we have to make, but the idea itself indicates readiness.


Decades ago, while driving, I became frustrated because SUVs and pickup trucks were making it difficult for me to see the tail lights of vehicles in front of them. The inability to see whether or not those drivers were braking increased the risk to me and those behind me if there was a need to brake suddenly.

This frustration spawned an idea for brake lights in the rear windows of vehicles. It was an idea that intrigued me…until I thought about what I’d need to do to make that idea a reality. I’d have to develop:

  • A prototype and the engineering skills needed to create it.
  • Contacts within the automotive manufacturers.
  • A way of keeping costs down so that it would be more readily adopted by car manufacturers.

This was enough to let me know that I wasn’t interested enough in the result to go through this process, so I didn’t. It’s a choice I have a right to make for myself. Fortunately, someone else was interested enough to develop this idea into what has been beneficial to all of us who drive.

For you

When one of these “out of the blue” ideas hit, realize that it’s an indication of that you are ready to accomplish whatever that idea is. That doesn’t mean that you have to act on it, simply that you have the wherewithal to do so if it intrigues you.

Before embarking on an intriguing idea, list the first three to five things you need to do to make the idea a reality. Then on a scale of one to five, with five being high, rate your willingness to do each of these actions. If they aren’t all fours or fives, don’t begin the process. Your desire isn’t strong enough to sustain your efforts through the inevitable challenges you’ll face.

For our kids

Share with your kids that random ideas are indications of their readiness to accomplish something. Cite examples from your life to help them visualize what you mean. Then let them know that just because they’re ready doesn’t mean they should pursue the idea. That before taking any action they should evaluate their interest using the process outlined above.

You can have this conversation at any time. Indeed, I’d suggest you have this conversation somewhere around age seven or eight when they have enough life experience to comprehend what you’re saying.

Don’t think that you can wait until they share a bizarre idea with you, they possess the same natural tendency you do: to dismiss these ideas as soon as they arise. That’s why it’s important that you initiate this conversation in their early years.

Let others know that you love them by sharing this blog post. They’ll appreciate that you care.

I love hearing your thoughts and experiences, please share your experiences in a comment.

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2 Responses

  1. bill prenatt

    Dale, Always insightful information! My experience has been that I don’t pay much attention to random thoughts when they come up the first time. When the thoughts begin to become repetitive, I start looking t them in a more in depth light.. possibly talking with someone like you about them 🙂

    • dfurtwengler

      Bill, Your response to random thoughts is typical for most people. It’s the recurrence of the thought that causes more serious consideration or, as my friend experienced, a nagging question about a choice that needs to be made. And, as you suggest, having someone with whom you can share your thoughts, confident in the knowledge that their goal is to help, not judge, is valuable. You serve that role for me very nicely. Thank you.

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