Patience and Confidence

One of the greatest challenges confident people face is patience. Regardless of how confident we are, things don’t seem to move as quickly as we’d like. That raises the question “How do we remain confident when things are moving glacially slow?”

Patience: need vs. want

I often tell my clients and audiences that what I need always shows up when I need it…rarely in the timeframe I want it. That simple statement generates knowing laughter from clients and audiences alike. I’m sure you’ve had that experience as well.

Acknowledging this reality can go a long way to helping us be more patient. The smile and laughter triggered by recalling that things rarely appear when we want them alleviates the stress and frustration that we experience when…despite our best efforts…things aren’t progressing as we hoped.

Missing pieces

The other thing I’ve noticed over the years is that when things aren’t happening as I’d hoped, there are pieces of the puzzle missing. In other words, there’s something missing that I’m not aware of yet.

Later, when results pour in, I realize what was missing earlier. This realization is another way in which I’m able to remain patient when every fiber of my being longs for the desired result.

I find that reminding myself that the reason I’m not getting the result yet is that there is a missing puzzle piece focuses my attention on discovering the missing piece instead of bemoaning the lack of results.

For you

These simple tips can help you remain patient and confident in any endeavor you pursue. When impatience surfaces, remind yourself that:

  1. Things show up when you need them, rarely when you want them.
  2. The reason you’re not getting results yet is that you’re missing a piece to the puzzle.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can set impatience aside and enjoy the pursuit of whatever it is you desire.

For our kids

As you see your kids becoming impatient, share these tips with them. And don’t forget to live them. Kids emulate the behaviors of the adults in their lives…especially when they see what the adults are doing is working. Enjoy!

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