Magnetic Appeal of Confidence

Confidence attracts us, like a magnet, to the people who possess it. Here’s why.


Confident people are authentic. They are so comfortable with who they are that they don’t feel compelled to impress others. In other words, they don’t feel the need for the approval of others to feel fulfilled and contented. Yet, they don’t come off as aloof or arrogant. The genuineness of their confidence makes them attractive to others.


Their confidence makes them open to new ideas…even when those ideas conflict with their own. Confident people don’t labor under the mistaken belief that they’re right and others are wrong. Instead their minds remain open to the possibility that there is a better way to achieve whatever they desire than the one they’ve envisioned.

Confident people also make decisions more quickly. Their confidence in their ability to evaluate new information, and employ that information effectively, enables them to decide quickly…and more often than not, correctly.

Being effective consistently enhances the magnetic appeal of their confidence.


Because confident people are so grateful for all the good that exists in their lives, because they view life’s challenges as merely something to be dealt with, they experience the abundance life offers. This sense of abundance sparks in them a desire to share their abundance with others.

Confident people always have time to help others deal with the challenges they face. Time is not a concern for confident people. They know that everything happens in the time in which it is supposed to, consequently the choice to take time to help another is an easy choice for them. Who among us isn’t drawn to people who care about us? Who have time for us during our time of need?


Confident people inspire us. They give us hope, nay belief, that everything will work out for the best. Their abundance mindset reminds us of the good that exists in our lives. Their openness encourages us to be more open. And their caring/sharing behaviors encourage us to behave similarly in our dealings with others.

For you

Each and everyone of us wants to be liked and appreciated. One of the simplest ways is to achieve this is to become more confident. My goal in writing this blog is to help you achieve that goal. If you want to dive more deeply into confidence and enjoy quicker results, my books and self-study programs will help you achieve this goal.

But foremost, my wish is that by realizing the appeal that confidence generates you’ll employ consistently what I share with you in these blog posts. For there is nothing that makes me happier than knowing that I’ve helped someone enjoy life more.

For our kids

Help kids understand why confidence is appealing so that they too might focus some of their attention on developing behaviors they observe you living that make you attractive to others.

Your authenticity, openness, decisiveness, caring/sharing attitude will indeed inspire them to behave in a similar fashion. In doing so, they too will inspire others. Then you will experience the joy of having enriched others’ lives.

If you’d like to enjoy great confidence, check out our Confidence Self-Study programs.

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