Humility: Confidence Byproduct

Is humility a byproduct of confidence? In my experience, it is.

Humility…in many respects

Confident people are readily identifiable by their humility. They are quick to acknowledge their mistakes, yet do so without regret. They recognize their mistakes as part of the learning cycle. They’re grateful for the lessons they learn because they know these lessons will propel to higher and higher levels of performance…and help them enrich the lives of others with their newfound knowledge.

In the eyes of confident people weaknesses are simply skills they don’t possess to the degree that others do. Again they acknowledge this reality without regret. Confident people appreciate the fact that others are more adept than they are in some areas because they know where to turn when they need help. They are also more gracious in helping others because they know that none of us comes with a complete package.

In a similar fashion, they acknowledge their strengths and skills without being enamored with them. Confident people realize that these are gifts they were given. Yes, they have worked to improve their gifts, but again they feel fortunate to have learned what enables the improvement they experience.

In essence, confident people realize that much of who they are byproducts of genetics with the randomness genetics implies and the environment in which they were raised. Confident people realize that there is little they can do about the genetics, but much that they can do to either enhance or reverse the effects of their childhood experiences.

If they were fortunate to grow up in a nurturing, encouraging environment they tend to take what they experienced, adopt it and work at becoming proficient in their application.

For those less fortunate, those who weren’t nurtured or encouraged during early childhood, the confident among them learn how to overcome those early experiences and provide nurture and encouragement to themselves and others. While they take pride in what they’ve accomplished, they feel fortunate rather than superior. They realize that their lives could just as easily have gone the other way.

For you

As you encounter people you admire, notice that what makes them so attractive is that they are both confident and humble. The term we often hear is “genuine.” If that’s how you’d like others to view you, then make conscious efforts to enhance your confidence. In the process you’ll become also gain humility thereby becoming as attractive as those you admire.

There are tons of information available on how to become more confident. I realize that my confidence-building books and programs are not for everyone…my messages and approach work well for some and not at all for others. The good news is that there are many paths to any given destination including confidence. Choose the one that’s right for you.

For our kids

Living a life of confidence and humility will be a beacon to the kids in your life. They’ll see not only how well these qualities serve you, but the impact that it has on others. As a result, they will emulate your behaviors and enjoy the benefits that confidence and humility afford.

In those instances where your kids aren’t demonstrating confidence ask them to recall a time when they were afraid, then ask them “Did you find a way to deal with that situation despite your fear? Then why do you think that you won’t find a way to deal with this one?”

If they’re being arrogant ask them “How do you feel when someone else acts this way? Is that how you want others to feel about you?”

Humility is a byproduct of confidence. Learn to be more confident and you’ll gain both benefits. I love getting multiple benefits from the same effort, don’t you?

I love hearing your thoughts and experiences, please share them in a comment.

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