Energy, Law of Attraction and Action

During the NFL playoff game between the Houston Texans and Buffalo Bills, I witnessed JJ Watt, the Houston defensive end, engage all three, energy, the law of attraction and action to help his team come from behind to win the game in overtime.

What Watt did


JJ Watt came back early from a surgery indicating a powerful desire to propel his team to the Super Bowl.

In the third quarter, after a lackluster Houston first half, Mr. Watt regularly went up and down the bench saying “All we need is a spark. A spark.”


In the third quarter he provided that spark by stopping a Buffalo Bills’ drive.

Law of attraction

That spark, and the energy it created, attracted the energy of Houston’s offense. On the very next ball possession, Houston’s offense scored.

The defense, encouraged by the offense’s success, became even more energized and held Buffalo to just six points in the second half. Houston won the game in overtime.

For you

The next time you feel that you’re not getting the results you desire, check to see whether you’ve aligned your energy, the law of attraction and action.

My experience has been that when I’m not getting the results I desire, my energy wanes. I often feel that, despite my efforts, I’m not getting the results I deserve. I haven’t decided whether it’s folly or arrogance (or a combination of the two) that allows me to think I deserve anything.

Regardless, the first question I ask myself is “What do I need to do to rekindle my energy?” For without energy, nothing is going to happen.

The second question I ask myself is “Am I garnering support for my quest?” By sharing my dreams and goals with others, especially those who believe in me, I gain their support, well wishes and, often, some great ideas on how to get the results I seek. Others’ affirmation and encouragement further energize me and help me stay focused on what I need to do.

Finally, I ask myself “Am I taking the action I need to get the result I desire?” I’ve fallen into the trap of visualizing what I want without taking action. The result is always disappointing. For it’s action that completes the cycle, produces results and attracts even more energy.

For our kids

The JJ Watt example is just one of many that appear daily that highlight the importance of alignment between energy, the law of attraction and action. Pay attention to things that occur that interest your child. Use them to highlight the alignment of these three elements of success: energy, the law of attraction and action.

When your kids are not getting the results they desire, ask them the three questions mentioned above. Let them discover what it is they need to do to make their dream come true.

I love hearing your thoughts and experiences, please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Bill Prenatt

    Dale, I really appreciate the way that you apply every day activities into learning lessons!

    • Dale Furtwengler

      Thanks Bill. Indeed, there are lessons in everyday life. Unfortunately, all too often, we’re too “busy” to take note of them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

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