Energy and Influence

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After last week’s counterintuitive thinking program, attended by both Parkway’s Spark! and Wentzville’s Ignite students, one of the Spark! students thanked me and said “Your message is so positive.  With all of the challenges of creating a business it’s great to hear such positive messages.”

Energy and awareness

I thanked him for his insights, then said “I’ll let you in on a little secret. All sentient beings respond to energy. As you become more aware of your energy, which you already are, you’ll discover that your energy will dictate the energy in your environment. And, as you’ve already experienced, positive energy overwhelms negative energy.”

Most of us feel the energy around us; few of us are aware of how we’re impacting that energy. As a result, more often than not, we mirror the energy we’re experiencing. If that energy is negative, if we’re feeling anxious, fearful, despondent or frustrated, when we mirror that energy we strengthen it.

Conversely, when we experience positive energy, excitement, wonder, creativity or joy, we mirror that energy and strengthen it. Either way we perpetuate the energy in that environment.

Changing the energy

When the energy is positive, we certainly don’t want to change it…unless it’s so euphoric that people in that environment are overlooking the potential problems that exist.

Negative energy is a different story. We not only have the power, but I’d say the responsibility, to replace that negative energy with positive energy. In doing so, you create an environment rich in possibility as well as the will to achieve anything you and the group desire.

A positive mindset offers additional benefits to the person bringing positive energy to the scene. First, positive energy enables you to accomplish a great deal more, more quickly than those who possess negative energy. And as we all know, success breeds success.

Second, positive energy is attractive…it draws people to you because all of us want to feel that energy. Because you radiate that energy, you gain great influence.

With influence comes opportunity. People who feel your positive energy seek your advice, value your insights and want you involved in their initiatives…all of which open the doors to new opportunities for you. Your biggest challenge becomes deciding which opportunities to pursue and which to let go. How’s that for a problem?

Choose your energy, create your environment

Any time you find yourself in an environment of negative energy, recall that you have the power to change the energy. I suggest that you not only have the power, you have the responsibility to do so.

Choose to bring positive energy to every environment you enter and you’ll not only lead a life of joy, you’ll do a tremendous amount of good. Enjoy!

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