Emotions: Messages From Your Subconscious

Over the years, I’ve discovered that emotions are messages from my subconscious mind. More importantly, I discovered how these messages can lead me to more productive behaviors.


In the past, I too often languished in the misery of negative messages…fear, anxiety, anger, frustration and envy. In addition to feeling miserable, I was postponing the achievement of whatever it was I desired at the time. In other words, remaining in these emotional states was preventing me from accomplishing what I desired…and it was all my fault.


Since I’ve discovered that these emotions are simply messages that indicate that I need to do something different, I can quickly set them aside and move forward more quickly. I do that by acknowledging that the emotion is simply a message. Then I ask my subconscious mind “How can I…?” or “What do I need to do to…?”

By asking these questions I’m assigning my subconscious mind the task of finding a way that I can move forward quickly and effectively. Immediately following the assignment of this task, I shift my attention to something I can do successfully using my conscious mind.

Trusting the subconscious

I’m sure that more than a few of you are thinking “I don’t know that I have enough confidence in my subconscious mind to do that.” I didn’t either…in the beginning.

Three things that enabled me to trust my subconscious mind are:

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr. Jospeh Murphy – great book!
  • After several months of unsuccessful conscious efforts to find a way to help a group of teens, my subconscious mind, while I was traveling to the last class session, provided the solution. It was that experience that taught me that my subconscious (God or the Universe) always provides what I need when I need it.
  • I tested my subconscious mind by setting an alarm clock for the time I wanted to rise, then instructed my subconscious that I wanted to awaken 5 minutes earlier. After the experience mentioned above and three days of awakening before the alarm, I had complete confidence in my subconscious mind.

For you

When an emotion arises, remind yourself that it’s simply a message. Ask your subconscious mind “How can I experience this positive emotion more frequently?” or “What do I need to do to replace my feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, envy, procrastination with joy, peace, and fulfillment?” Then proceed to shift your conscious mind to other activities.

You’ll be amazed at how much easier and more enjoyable life becomes. Feel free to use my alarm clock experiment to help you discover just how reliable your subconscious mind is.

For our kids

Once you’ve discovered the power of your subconscious mind, tell your kids what you’ve discovered. Encourage them to look for ways that their subconscious mind is helping them.

When you see them languishing in negative emotions, ask “What is your subconscious telling you?” This simple question will shift their minds from perpetuating misery to actively pursuing more productive behaviors. The joy they experience from successfully making this shift will encourage them to continue the behavior and, in doing so, make this new way of thinking automatic.

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2 Responses

  1. Jackie Trottmann

    Hi Dale,
    Very thought provoking. I always talk about the still, small voice inside of us that is our internal guidance system – call it your heart, your gut, or your spirit. I would add that, for me, it is also listening to God’s Spirit inside offering peace, guidance, and direction (you mentioned God or the Universe). So… does the sub-conscious mind go beyond this? Or is it one and the same? I love the questions to ask: “How can I experience this positive emotion more frequently?” or “What do I need to do to replace my feelings of fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, envy, procrastination with joy, peace, and fulfillment?”
    Kind regards,

    • dfurtwengler

      Jackie, your questions are, in essence, you requesting your subconscious mind (your God’s spirit inside) to provide the answer for you. That answer comes in the times when your conscious mind isn’t focused a specific task. When your conscious mind is free, not engaged in a task, your subconscious mind is free to wander resulting into amazing epiphanies that help you live a richer, fuller live. These are the times when we experience joy, contentment, peace and fulfillment.

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