Desire For More: Essential?

Often the “desire for more” is associated with dissatisfaction or greed. Should it be? The simple answer is no. Let’s find out why.

Desire for more

While it is possible that the desire for more can stem from both dissatisfaction or greed, neither is a good reason for wanting more. If your desire is driven by dissatisfaction, take some time to review all the good you’ve experienced over the years as well as all that you’ve achieved. You’ll be amazed at how many reasons you have for being satisfied with your lot in life. With this newfound awareness, your desire for more takes on a healthy cast.

If your desire for more stems from greed, you may not even aware that you’re greedy. Greed is insidious. It creeps up on us. One of the ways to determine whether your desire for more is driven by greed is to examine whether you feel that you need more or simply want more. If your desire has risen to the level of need, you’ve become greedy. If not, your desire is healthy and you should pursue what you desire.

Desire Is Essential

The desire for more is a healthy state as long as it isn’t triggered by dissatisfaction or greed.

It fuels our interest in life, learning and the success that learning engenders. As our skills and successes grow so does our desire to share our good fortune with others.

As we help others:

  • Achieve what they desire,
  • Become more confident in their skills and abilities,
  • Live more joyful lives,

we find that we desire more of these experiences and the joy they afford. It’s these joys that make the desire for more so essential in our lives.

Our analysis wouldn’t be complete without looking at what happens when the desire for more wanes. Absent the desire for more, we become complacent. Our energy drains. We lose our sense of being both valuable and valued. Our lives lose meaning. We develop a why-bother mindset to most aspects of life.

We often see this progression in the elderly as they lose physical well-being and function, and we feel sorry for them. Yet, there are far too many people who have lost their desire for more. They’ve come to accept what happens as if they have no choice in the matter. In other words, they embrace the mindset that typically befalls the elderly in the late days of their lives.

The question is “ What should you do if you find yourself in this state…where you no longer desire more or no longer feel compelled to act upon your desires?”

For you

The simplest way to extract yourself from this state and regain your desire for more is to shift your focus onto helping someone else. This may be as simple as giving someone a reason to smile. The joy you experience in helping others…of enriching their lives, even in simple ways, will bring you joy. I can assure you that as you experience that joy, you’ll want to experience it again and again and again.

Your success in helping others will trigger the desire for more, not just for them but for yourself as well. You’ll regain the curiosity of your toddler years. The more you learn, the more curious you become and the better equipped you become in helping others. You regain a sense of purpose in life and a sense of being both valued and valuable.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to regain a healthy desire for more…and the health that this state of mind affords you.

For our kids

Lead a life of healthy desire and your kids will mimic your behavior. In their moments of dissatisfaction [we all experience them], ask them to list all the good in their lives and all the things they’ve accomplished. They’ll quickly realize that their dissatisfaction is ill-founded. In the process they’ll not only develop a healthier attitude toward their desire, they’ll dramatically increase the likelihood of getting what they desire.

Similarly, in their moments of greed [again, universal], help them distinguish between need and want. Help them understand that need leads to frustration, anxiety and greater dissatisfaction while healthy want excites, energizes and ensures success.

Let others know that you love them by sharing this blog post. They’ll appreciate that you care.

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