Dealing with Doubt

Much of the progress we could see in this world falls victim to one thing…doubt.  It’s an insidious invasion of our psyche that prevents us from moving forward when it’s in our and society’s best interest to move forward.

Understanding doubt

Doubt is a natural tendency that we all possess by virtue of our humanity.  it’s also a message from God, or the Universe, depending upon your beliefs.

Doubt serves us well when we’re standing at the edge of a precipice wondering whether we can fly, but, since we rarely face life-threatening choices these days, doubt is more often an obstacle than a safety net.


We often see doubt surface in two situations:

  • When opportunities present themselves.
  • When we’re facing a problem.

When an opportunity presents itself, we often wonder:

  • If we have the background or experience to be successful.
  • If we have the resources we need to be successful.
  • If we have the time, energy and desire to be successful.

Similarly, when we face a problem, we wonder:

  • If we have the ability to solve the problem.
  • If there even is a solution.
  • If our attempts might exacerbate instead of solving the problem.

These are the wrong questions to be asking…yet it’s our natural tendency to do so.

The right question

Implicit in the questions enumerated above is doubt.  Doubt entertains the possibility that their is no solution to the problem or that the opportunity’s result, although intriguing, is unattainable.

The reality is that our awareness of the opportunity is an indication that we’re ready for it.  That we have the ability to be successful in taking advantage of that opportunity…as long as it is something we really desire.

Similarly, the fact that we’re facing a problem is an indication that we’re equipped to handle it.  Even people who face a terminal illness find a way to deal with their mortality and still enjoy life.

The right question isn’t an “if” question, it’s a “how” question.  Just as doubt is implicit in the “if“ question, certain success is implicit in the “how” question.  When you ask “How will I solve this problem?” or “How will I get the resources I need to convert this opportunity into a successful endeavor?,” you’re are stating your belief that every problem has a solution and every opportunity the potential for success.

How it works

Our subconscious minds are our connection to God (the Universe).  When we ask doubt-laden questions, our doubts are nurtured by our subconscious mind.  The subconscious vacillates between doubt and hope…usually doubt wins out.

But when we ask the “how” questions, our subconscious minds produce the answers we need to move forward without the fear and anxiety engendered in doubt.


The next time you’re experiencing doubt, pause.  Then ask the question “How will I solve this problem?” or “How can I convert this opportunity into a successful endeavor?”

You’ll be amazed at how quickly your subconscious mind provides an answer.  And even more astounded by how simple the solution or next step is.  It only takes 2 or 3 experiences like this to convince you that all you need to do to be successful is ask the “how” question of your subconscious mind.

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