“I want your life!”

These are words I never expected to be directed to me…
…yet I’ve had over a half dozen people tell me “I want your life!”

Imagine what it would be like to lead a life others desire…a life rich in joy, peace and fulfillment.

Now imagine being able to teach others how to enjoy that life for decades to come. There are both psychic and financial rewards for those who choose to enrich others’ lives.

Hi, I’m Dale Furtwengler. My mission is to teach you and, through you, others to free themselves of fear, anxiety and frustration…and replace these emotions with confidence, joy, peace and fulfillment.

The key is confidence. I know because, despite growing up in one of the most loving, nurturing households a child could desire, I was a shy, insecure child. Today, I start conversations in elevators, enjoy the friendship of hundreds of people…people who readily offer their assistance to help me accomplish anything I desire.

The weekly For Our Kids blog offers insights and tips to help you and your kids enjoy richer, fuller lives…lives that’ll have others saying “I want your life!”

Want more? My confidence books are an inexpensive way to get the insights you need to retrain your mind, your kids’ minds and the minds of those you serve, to be more confident…in any situation.

Finally, for those of you who want to enjoy both the psychic and financial rewards of teaching confidence, you’ll find the Teaching Confidence Instructor Certification program is the right choice for you. I also have a program designed to help you establish a business teaching confidence, or add confidence instruction to your existing business offerings. You’ll find information at Teaching Confidence Instructor Certification/Professional Development.

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