Conscious Confidence

Are you conscious of your confidence? Those who confess that they lack confidence obviously aren’t. They fail to recognize that there are tasks they tackle without hesitation because they know what needs to be done. Let’s explore this dichotomy so that we can learn to be more consciously confident.

Familiar ≠ Conscious

In fact, familiarity spawns subconscious behavior. The more familiar we are with a given task the more automatic our actions become. On the whole that’s a good thing because it saves a lot time that would otherwise be spent rethinking the task every time we performed it.

The downside is that we aren’t consciously aware of how wonderful these capabilities are, Consequently, we don’t gain confidence from the achievement of familiar tasks. But we can.

Becoming more conscious

There’s a simple technique for helping you realize how much confidence you posses, but fail to recognize. Here are the steps:

  1. Set aside 15 minutes at the end of you day to celebrate your successes that day.
  2. Of course all the challenges will come to mind as well. When they do, set them aside reminding yourself that this is your time to celebrate.
  3. Think about the things you accomplished, how well you accomplished them and, if an idea arises that will make you even more effective in the future, make note of it so that you’re even more successful in the future.
  4. As you become more conscious of all the things that you do well, you’ll not only gain confidence, you’ll become more conscious of your confidence.
  5. As consciousness grows so will your confidence in your ability to deal with less familiar tasks. You’ll realize that you have more ability than you realized. In other words, your overall level of confidence will grow.

For you

Perform this exercise everyday and you’ll be amazed at how quickly your confidence grows and how much more enjoyable life is when you celebrate your successes.

For our kids

After you get comfortable with the exercise and see the benefits it has for you, include your kids in the exercise. Each of you share your successes for the day as well as the reasons for each success. All of you will become more consciously confident as well as assisting one another in growing more confident. Enjoy!

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