Teaching confidence requires one 30-minute session per week with a 15-minute daily exercise to help kids form the habit of thinking confidently.

The 16-session program:

  • Dispels myths about confidence.
  • Eliminates the possibility of "failure."
  • Explains why talent is irrelevant.
  • Renders experience is irrelevant.
  • Helps evaluate competition correctly.
  • Dispels the "overnight success" myth.
  • ...and so much more.

Give your child the gift of being consistently confident...even when she or he has no background or experience. It's one of the greatest expressions of love you can give.

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If I were to ask you to define success, you'd probably list your goals. While I encourage people to set goals, there is a downside inherent in them. If you don't hit your goals, it's highly likely that you'll feel that you failed and your confidence will take a hit.

You and your child can avoid this risk by simply redefining success. Here's a definition that gives me the confidence to move forward with anything I choose to do knowing that I will win every time.


There are two parts to the definition of success that will enable you and your child to win every time.

In dealings with others

Offer them options, any of which are acceptable to you including a 'No,' then allow them to choose. If they choose anything other than 'No,' you get what you win! If they choose 'No,' they save you the time and energy you'd have expended in a failed attempt. Again, you win.

When opportunities present themselves

If an opportunity intrigues you, pursue it. If it works as you hoped, you win! If it doesn't work, but you learn something that will help you in the future, you still win.

By simply changing the definition of success, you position yourself to win every time. You eliminate failure from your vocabulary and, in doing so, not only protect, but enhance your confidence.

Your child will see your enhanced confidence in everything you do and mimic that behavior. Plus you'll have the language to help your child during the periods of doubt and frustration we all experience by virtue of our humanity. You'll be able to quickly help your child regain the confidence so essential to his/her happiness and success.

This is just one of the many lessons available to help you and your child enjoy lives free of fear, anxiety, and frustration.

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