Confidence: Training for a better life?

When you hear the word training what comes to mind? Exercise, physical training? Corporate training designed to improve skills? Confidence? I doubt that the last was even on the radar screen, but it should be.

Building confidence

With physical training we build strength, stamina, enhance flexibility, improve balance, improve cardio-vascular health. Corporate training is designed to improve skills, increase productivity and help employees enjoy greater personal and professional success.

What is it specifically that we’re trying to gain in building confidence? Here are a few things that confidence will help us achieve, this isn’t by any means a comprehensive list. Greater confidence will help you:

  • Achieve your goals more quickly and effectively.
  • Gain influence and attract opportunities instead of pursuing them.
  • Let go of the outcome because regardless of the outcome you’re going to learn something that will help you in the future.
    Be more open to other points of view, even when they’re presented as personal attacks, and do so without anger or reciprocation.
  • Increase your love of self and others.
  • Become less egocentric and more other centric thereby improving your relationships.
  • Learning to optimize both your conscious and subconscious minds to achieve more, more quickly, with less effort.
  • Enjoy your life everyday regardless of what it presents.

I’m not suggesting that you forego physical or skills training for they too can help you build confidence. What I am suggesting is that you not exclude confidence building exercises from your daily routine.

Daily exercises

Here are some daily exercises to help you build your confidence in yourself…in all aspects of your life.

  • Each day make a list of the things you accomplished that day.
  • Review the list each day for as long as it takes to put a smile on your face.
  • If you’re experiencing disappointment about not getting the result your desired, remind yourself of what you learned from the experience and how that knowledge is going to help you ultimately achieve your goal.
  • Make it a point to leave each person you meet during the day feeling better for having met you.
  • Before going to bed, remind yourself of the joy you experienced during the day. You’ll find that you sleep much better that way.

Certainly there are other exercises I could recommend, but I’m confident that you employ these you’ll discover others that work well for you and employ them on a daily basis as well.

For you

Decide upon a confidence-building exercise routine for yourself and employ it daily. There’s nothing magical about what I suggested, feel free to design your own.?p>

For our kids

Live the message. As your kids see you engaged in daily confidence-building exercises and how much joy your newfound confidence brings, they’ll mimic your behavior.

When they ask you how you’re able to maintain such a positive outlook on life even when new challenges present themselves, tell them it’s your confidence-building routine. Share yours with them, but let them know that there are many ways to accomplish the same result. Encourage them to modify it to fit their natural style…what is enjoyable for them.

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