…a life in which people regularly tell you “I want your life!”

…a life in which you are so consistently happy and spreading so much joy that people want you in their lives.

…a life in which you can, within milliseconds, set aside the fear, anxiety and frustration you’re experiencing and move forward confident in the knowledge that you can achieve anything you desire.

…a life in which you are confident…even when you have no background or experience.

…your kids emulating your confident behavior…leading lives free of fear, anxiety, frustration…knowing that they can achieve anything they desire.

…as teachers, what your classroom experience would be if kids weren’t continuously wrestling with confidence and self-esteem issues…how much more you could accomplish…how much more they’d learn…how much happier you and they would be.

…how many lives you, your kids and students can favorably impact with the ability to live free of fear, anxiety and frustration…when you and they exude confidence that inspires others.

…how much joy you’d feel at seeing your kids and students leading lives of joy, peace and fulfillment.

…leaving a legacy of having made the world a better place by helping future generations live lives that others desire.

For our kids

It’s time to stop imagining.  It’s time to take action. 

I’ve had the good fortune to have over a half-dozen people say to me “I want your life!”  I’ve lived free of fear, anxiety and frustration for almost three decades.  My mission is to help you, your kids, and the kids you teach, to enjoy lives that others desire…lives filled with joy, peace and fulfillment.

The tools for making these musings a reality exist today.  They are detailed within the trilogy of confidence books I’ve written:

  • Lead a Life of CONFIDENCE
  • Stand Out From The Crowd
  • One with the UNIVERSE

All are available in paperback and kindle formats at

I’ve also created programs based on each of these books to help you and your kids experience the joy, peace and fulfillment that confidence affords.  The programs require less than 1/2 hour per week of “class time” and a 15-minute daily exercise.

For those of you who are teachers and youth ministers you’ll be happy to know that it isn’t necessary for every student to have a book.  Indeed, I recently completed one of the programs with a group of high school students without them even knowing that I had a book available.  The lessons are structured to enable them to discover, through the own experiences, that what I’m telling them works. 

These programs are available in presentation, facilitation and coaching formats…and can be included in teacher professional development and continuing education programs. 

Give me a call at 314-707-3771 and, together, we’ll decide which approach will convert what you just imagined into your, and your kids, daily reality.

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