Confidence: Energy Transfer

Confident people have energy to spare and willingly transfer it to others.

More energy

The reason that consistently-confident people have more energy than less-confident people is that they don’t nurture negative emotions. They have the ability to quickly set aside fear, anxiety and frustration because they know that they have never failed to deal with any situation they’ve faced.

You don’t have to take my word for if, you’ve experienced doubt, fear, frustration and anxiety. You know how exhausting these states are. You also know how much energy you have when these emotions don’t exist.

Now that we have a sense for why consistently-confident people experience more energy, let’s explore how they transfer that energy without depleting their own.

Energy transfer

It’s simultaneously astounding and saddening how often what people need is someone to give them permission to pursue what they desire. Somehow many don’t feel that they deserve to be happy. Others don’t see a path to what they desire because all they see are the obstacles in their way. Here are a couple of examples:


I knew my wife liked horses, but unbeknownst to me, she had dreamed of owning a horse. One day she said “I guess that dream will never come true.” When I asked her why she laid out the challenges associated with owning a horse including the cost. My response was “We’ll figure it out. Let’s start looking.” We did and she found a horse she loved and enjoyed for many years.

Recently, a friend felt trapped in her job. She knew what she wanted to do, but was worried that making a change would not be welcomed by her spouse. I suggested that she ask her subconscious mind “How can I make this fit with what my spouse wants?”

Not only did she find an approach that gained her husband’s support, but an opportunity presented itself that made the transition even easier for both of them.

Encouragement and belief

What the vast majority of people need is encouragement to pursue their dreams and belief in their ability to overcome any obstacle they’ll face. Encouragement and belief are the media of energy transfer.

When others believe in us, when they encourage us to pursue our dreams, doubts, fear, anxiety all dissipate. These energy drains are closed and the spigots of confidence and excitement are thrown wide open creating a cascade of joy that comes from pursuing what we love.

Success is assured because we’re moving toward what we love.

Pay attention to when your energy shifts. When it’s low, seek out confident individuals. People who will transfer their energy to you in the forms of encouragement and belief.

When your energy level is high, and you meet someone whose isn’t, share your energy with them. Encourage them to pursue their dreams. Let them know that you know that they’ll be successful in their pursuit because it’s what they love.

In helping others in this way you’ll find that your energy increases as well. It’s counterintuitive, but sharing energy doesn’t deplete it, it expands it. You know this from personal experience. When you know that you’ve favorably impacted the life of another, you experience joy and the energy that accompanies it. Do yourself and others a favor, share your energy generously.

For our kids

Encourage your kids. Let them know that you believe that they can accomplish whatever they choose to do. Let them know that it’s okay to change their mind, to alter their course when something no longer appeals to them.

A great deal of my encouraging nature is the result of having parents who always believed in me and my brothers…even when we made missteps, as we all do at times. To them, and consequently to us, missteps were merely temporary setbacks. They were not failures, they were not the end of the story, they were simply adjustments to be made in moving forward. Your encouragement and belief in your kids will produce the same result.

I love hearing your thoughts and experiences, please share your wisdom in a comment below.

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