Confidence: Beginning The Upward Spiral

To say that confidence is the platform for launching an upward spiral is too vague. It’s confidence in our ability to learn and adapt that enables us to grow more quickly and effectively than we imagined possible.

Up, up & away

When we recognize that our real power, our real source of confidence, lies in our ability to learn and adapt, we automatically default to a ‘can do’ attitude. Any fear, any anxiety we experience becomes fleeting because we quickly recall that we’ve faced many challenges and always found a way to deal with them.

This mental shift occurs so quickly it’s almost as if the original concern didn’t exist at all. Immediately upon shifting our thoughts from fear and anxiety to confidence, we regain full use of our mental capacities…both conscious and subconscious. Emotions, as long as they are allowed to continue, diminish our mental capacity.

Don’t have to take my word for this. Recall a time when you experienced powerful emotions. How effective were you in dealing with the situation? What happened when you finally set the emotion aside? How quickly did the solution to the challenge appear? My experience has been that the solution appeared almost instantaneously.

As we become consciously aware of the connection between emotion and mental capacity, we develop the habit of quickly setting emotion aside and accelerating the discovery of solutions to the problems we face. Each success further enhances our confidence in our ability to learn and adapt…to deal with anything that comes our way.

This awareness is what creates an upward spiral in our growth in confidence in our ability to deal with anything in life…while continuously diminishing the fears and anxiety we previously experienced…until we are virtually free of these limiting emotions.

For you

To summarize, in this upward spiral we experience:

  • Confidence in our ability to learn and adapt.
  • An ever-quickening shift from fear and anxiety to a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Enhanced mental capacity resulting from setting aside emotions.
  • Quicker achievement of success in dealing with life’s challenges.
  • Greater confidence in our ability to learn and adapt.
  • Shorter intervals between the emotions experienced and the shift to ‘can do.’
  • These thought processes become so automatic, we no longer realize what we’re doing.
  • For our kids

    Keep emphasizing to the kids in your life that their real power, their real source of confidence, lies in their ability to learn and adapt. Remind them that mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. Help them understand that as long as they learn from their mistakes, the mistake is simply an investment in their future. But if they don’t learn from their mistake, it’s an expense they’ll incur again and again.

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