Confidence: A source of inspiration?

We tend to think of confidence as a benefit that serves us well but it’s much more, it’s a source of inspiration to others.

When others see your confidence some will envy you, but more will feel empowered. Here’s why.


Those who are envious, and choose to remain so, are unwilling to do what is necessary to develop the confidence you possess. Any attempts you make with these folks are typically met with resistance. You’ll quickly discover that these folks enjoy their victimology and don’t want to part with it.

My advice when interacting with people who enjoy the victim status is to honor their choice. Stop trying to help them, they don’t want it. Your failed attempts will:

  • Drain your energy.
  • Possibly cause you to lose confidence.
  • Prevent you from helping those who are willing to do the work to gain greater confidence.

My experience is that those possessing the victim mentality fortunately represent a very, very small segment of the population, possibly as low as 1 to 2 percent.


Conversely, those who aren’t happy with their level of confidence and are willing to do what’s necessary to effect a positive change in their lives, are worthy of your time, talent and energy. These folks also represent a fairly small segment of the population. The vast majority of folks aren’t in enough pain to invest the time and energy to gain greater confidence.

But even for the latter group you are an inspiration. When they see what’s possible with greater confidence, they are more hopeful and desirous of a favorable outcome for themselves. They are more likely to emulate some of what you do because they see that it works.

Both groups, upon seeing you experience joy consistently and in greater magnitude than they see in themselves and others, are inspired to pursue greater joy. As they see, through your eyes, the joy that exists in all things including the challenges you face, they begin to see joy and opportunity where once they only saw problems, doubts, fear and anxiety.

Encouraging belief in a better life is another way in which you enrich the lives of others when you live confidently.

For you

Recognize the good that your confidence does for others and you’ll find that you desire to continuously grow to higher and higher levels of confidence. One of the interesting aspects of our humanity is that we’re more often inclined to do for others things we don’t do for ourselves.

With the knowledge that your confidence benefits both you and those with whom you interact on a daily basis, you’ll be more inclined to gain greater and greater confidence. In doing so, you’ll inspire others to a more joyful life.

For our kids

Kids are like sponges, they absorb most of what they know from observation. As they observe you living confidently and joyfully, the kids in your life will emulate your confident lifestyle and enjoy all the benefits confidence affords.

If you’d like to enrich the lives of others by teaching them to be more confident, check out our Teaching Confidence Instructor Certification program.

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2 Responses

  1. Bill Prenatt

    Dale, Throughout my life I have encountered difficult challenges but I was never a victim. I never realized that it was confidence that kept me on the right track.

    I appreciate the clarification. Thanks for all that you do!

    • Dale Furtwengler

      Bill, the vast majority of us rarely consider ourselves victims. Oh, we may occasionally wonder “Why me?”, but an emotional reaction not a state of mind. Sadly, there are a few, extremely few, who feel that they are victims and enjoy the attention it affords. My heart goes out to these folks. I have yet to find a way to help them primarily, I believe, because they don’t want help. I appreciate the fact that you take the time to share your insights with me. All the best!

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