Teaching Confidence Certification/Professional Development Programs

For parents, educators, coaches, trainers, consultants and others who enjoy enriching the lives of others and reaping the financial rewards for doing so.

Imagine living a life in which others regularly tell you “I want your life!” because you’re living free of fear, anxiety and frustration.

Imagine people coming to you wanting you to teach them how to replace the fear, anxiety and frustration they’re experiencing with confidence, success and fulfillment.

As educators your passion is helping your students live confidently, successfully and joyfully. The Teaching Confidence professional development programs can be tailored to fit your school’s professional development plan. You know as well as I do that confident students are more open and excited about learning. Consequently their test scores automatically rise. That find joy and pride in their newfound knowledge and employ that knowledge more quickly and effectively than the less confident.

For coaches, trainers and other professionals, with the Teaching Confidence Certification, you’ll command significantly higher fees and produce results more quickly than ever before. Results-oriented people willingly pay a premium for quick results. Over the years when I’ve told clients that I wanted to discuss my fees they, without exception, said “There’s nothing to discuss. What do you want?” That’s the kind of financial security I want for you.

Program Overview – For any age you choose to teach…any market you choose to serve

In the certification/professional development programs you’ll get the tools you need to teach all three levels of confidence:

Level 1: Becoming consistently confident even when the person has no background or experience.

Level 2: Converting confidence into influence and opportunity.

Level 3: Tapping into the subconscious mind consciously and at will to solve problems and convert emotions into productive behaviors.

This program is experiential.

  • Videoconferencing enables us to limit classes to just 30 minutes per week to minimize your time investment.
  • You’ll perform a 15-minute daily exercise each week to retrain your brain to a new way of thinking.
  • Each week you’ll report on what you learned from the exercise.
  • There are 36 weekly confidence training sessions.
  • You’ll have access to me for 3 months following completion of the program via phone or email to help you implement what you learned.
  • You’ll be listed on this Teaching Confidence site as a certified instructor with your contact information.
  • Plus you’ll get a complete set of slides and exercises to use in your Teaching Confidence classes or coaching.
  • The investment for this program $5,000, an investment that you can easily recover in one or two group classes.

Please read the terms and conditions before investing in the Teaching Confidence Instructor Certification Training. By investing in this program, you acknowledge that you’ve read and accepted the terms and conditions.


Discover how easy it is to enrich your life as well as the lives you serve.

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Marketing/Pricing Program For Certified Instructors

It takes CONFIDENCE to get premium prices.


For those of you who want to develop a business around teaching confidence or want to add teaching confidence to an existing business, my mission is to help you sell more, more quickly, at premium prices.

For decades I helped business owners get premium prices for their products and services…regardless of what their competitors or the economy were doing…while providing great value to their customers. I can do the same for you in your teaching confidence business.

Program overview

There are five elements to a premium price strategy…and, no, I don’t believe in gouging people. The elements are:

Clear brand promise – a result the customer can expect to get

Psychographic profile – your ideal customer profile based on values, behaviors and characteristics

Marketing messages – messages that attract those who share your values; repel those who don’t

Sale scripts – scripts that convert benefits into dollars and cents value

Bundling & Pricing – Three options to meet any customer’s budget

The clear brand promise and psychographic profile are the foundational elements, the others are natural byproducts of these two.

What clients say

“The clarity you [Dale] have given me about who my ideal customer is, what it is they value and how much they value it, gives me the confidence I need to hold firm on my pricing…and I’ve never had more fun doing business.”

I’ve gotten that exact same response from every client I’ve helped. Isn’t it time you got compensated well for the value you provide? Then give me a call at 314-707-3771 and we’ll get you on the path to quick, profitable growth.