You’ve chosen to live a life others desire AND use what you learn to help others do so as well. In the process, you’ll enjoy psychic and financial rewards greater than you imagined possible.

Early steps

A few things that you’ll need to do to get ready for this program:

  • Download a copy of the FREE version of Zoom from for videoconferencing.
  • Be prepared to have fun as you learn.

Weekly sessions

  • Each session lasts only 30 minutes to maximize the return on your time investment.
  • You’ll have a daily exercise to complete during the week following the lesson. The exercise will take 15 minutes or less to complete.
  • In each session after the first session you’ll be required to report what you learned and how you plan to use your knowledge in the work you do. You’ll have roughly 2 minutes each to make your report.
  • All sessions will be recorded and available to you for viewing any time that you wish to review an earlier lesson.
  • If you miss a session, you’ll can view the recording. You will be expected to complete the daily exercises and your report even if you were not present in the session.
  • A private bulletin board will be set up so that you can share ideas and pose questions to all members of the group.

Post certification

Upon completion of the program you’ll:

  • Receive a certificate acknowledging your successful completion of the program and your right to be indicate that you’re a Certified Confidence Teacher.
  • Have access to me and the entire group each month for 3 months (using the same videoconferencing tool used during the program) to pose questions, ask for clarification, share new and exciting ways that you’re using the material to enrich the lives of others.
As always, my wish for you…and all whose lives you touch…is that you have others say to you “I want your life!”
For then you’ve learned to live free of fear, anxiety and frustration.

Critical information

I want to make sure that you receive all the videoconferencing instructions for each session. You can help me assure that by providing the following information: