I want your life!

These are words I never expected to be directed to me. Yet, within an 18-month period I had over a half dozen people tell me “I want your life!”

In the books listed below are the secrets to my having attained a life others find enviable. Each will help you build a new, higher level of confidence.

My wish for you is that you too have others saying to you “I want your life!”

Learn how to be consistently confident…even when you have no background or experience.


  • Common misconceptions about confidence and how they influence your thinking.
  • What your true source of confidence…and power…really is.
  • How to define success in a way that you’ll never fail again.
  • The roles talent and desire play in success.
  • When, and when not to, pay attention to other people’s perceptions of you.
  • How to use desire to make more conscious, well-reasoned choices in your life.

These, and other remarkable insights in this book, will help you free yourself of fear, anxiety and frustration and, in doing so, lead a life others desire. When others tell you, as they’ve told me, “I want your life!” you’ll have an even greater appreciation for the confidence that you’ve gained and the joy it affords you.

Learn to convert confidence into influence and opportunity.

Imagine the admiration, and opportunities, you’ll attract when others say to you:

  • You don’t think like other people do.
  • You look at the world differently than other people do.
  • You see things other people don’t see.
  • Yet what you say makes perfect sense.

People who possess these abilities no longer pursue opportunities, they ATTRACT them.

When people realize that you’re able to see things they don’t see…and do so quickly with little or no effort…they seek your advice and request your involvement in their initiatives. That’s how you attract opportunities. Isn’t it time that you began attracting opportunities?

Learn how to tap into the power of your subconscious mind…your connection to God or the Universe, depending upon your beliefs.

Neuroscientists tell us that our conscious minds operate at the computer-equivalent speed of 30 to 60 bits per second while our subconscious minds operate at 10 to 12 million bits per second.

Yet no one teaches us how to tap into this incredible power…until now.

Discover how your subconscious mind can:

  • Solve problems more quickly and with less effort than your conscious mind.
  • Convert the emotions you’re experiencing into conscious, well-reasoned, productive actions.
  • What those crazy ideas that strike each of us from time to time really mean…and what to do with them.

Over the years, I’ve been able to help parents of a kid who suffered dyslexia and ADHD overcome the frustration and anger the child was experiencing…and gain confidence in the process. I accomplished this without any experience raising kids or with dyslexia or ADHD.

I’ve helped business people turnaround failing businesses and people experiencing health problems because of the stress they were experiencing.

The reality is that it wasn’t me who provided the solutions, it was God or the Universe providing the answers. I was merely a conduit.

As you learn to tap into the power of your subconscious mind, and realize that it’s your connection to a higher power, you too will be able to help people in ways you never imagined possible. That’s a blessing you’ll treasure throughout your life…your ability to help anyone in need.