Are You One With The Universe?

People who don’t realize that they’re one with the universe, God or whatever name you choose to give the higher power in which you believe, often wonder how they would know if they were.


The most elegant answer I’ve found comes from Osho in his book, Yoga: The Science of the Soul. He says:

“When somebody asks you a question, you have to think about it.
But how can you think if you don’t know? If you know, there is no need to think.”

When I realize that I’m one with the universe I notice that I no longer have to think, I know.

All are one

In that last paragraph I was very precise in my language. I said “realize.” We are all one with the universe we just don’t realize it. One of the ways that I came to realize my connection is when I no longer had to think about how to:

  • Help another person solve their problem.
  • Solve a problem of my own.
  • Relieve someone’s emotional pain.

I knew exactly what to do or say.

You’ve experienced this yourself. The solution to a problem you’re facing appears just as you stop working on it. Someone shares their problem with you and you immediately know the solution. You don’t have to think about it, the solution automatically appears.

Someone tells you about the doubts, fear, anxiety and frustration they’re experiencing and you know exactly what to say. Again, you don’t have to think about it, the language just comes to you, as if from thin air.

In these moments I realized that it wasn’t me coming up with solutions (ways to alleviate pain), that I was merely a conduit for an intelligence much greater than mine.

I realize that I no longer concern myself with whether I’ll be able to find a solution to someone’s problem or to rid someone of their emotional pain, I know that the solution will be there for me to convey to the person in need.

That doesn’t mean things will necessarily improve for the individual. We can only offer what we know. The person has to be open to the solution. A person can choose to take advice or not. In your role of being one with the universe, you can only shine a light on the path for others. They have the right to embrace or ignore the advice the universe is offering through you.

Our role is to take what the universe provides and share it with others. That’s all the universe asks of us in these situations.

For you

The way to discover your connection to the universe is to understand that your subconscious mind is the connection. You’ll have to convince yourself that it’s true. Here’s how:

Start with something simple, something beneath which you can build a safety net. I used my alarm clock. I’d set it for the time that I wanted to get up. Then, just before going to bed, I’d make a mental note that I want to wake up five minutes before my alarm goes off.

I soon discovered that I never failed to awaken shortly before my alarm went off. I stopped setting my alarm yet continued to awaken at, or shortly before, the time I wanted to get up.

As I gained confidence in my subconscious mind’s performance, I expanded my use into other aspects of my life. You can do the same by finding something that has a safety net, like an alarm clock, to enable you to discover just how reliable your subconscious mind is.

Next, when someone shares a problem with you, don’t try to think of a solution while they’re talking. Instead, just listen until they’re finished talking. Notice how quickly the solution comes to mind. You don’t have to think about it, it suddenly appears and it makes perfect sense.

Don’t get frustrated if the person doesn’t embrace your solution. Remember that your role is to shine a light on the path. It’s up to the other person to choose whether they want to follow the path.

Finally, recognize that this experience is another example of your connection to the universe. Relish the fact that your connection is so strong that you no longer have to think, you know that you are tapping the entire wisdom of the universe.

You also know that the wisdom of the universe is available to you to aid you in overcoming the challenges you face. More importantly, you’ll know that you can tap into it consciously and at will. That’s the beauty of realizing that you’re already one with the universe.

For our kids

Don’t be afraid to start when your kids are young. Kids are natural explorers. Help them explore their subconscious minds so that they learn that they are connected to the universe early in life. Knowing that will bring them great joy even when they face challenges in their lives.

Don’t forget to live the message. Kids embrace our actions more willingly than our words.

I love hearing your thoughts and experiences, please share your thoughts below.

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