2020: Electing A Culture

I rarely repeat a blog post, but with the election just a month away, I felt a reminder was in order.

The 2020 election is unique in that it’s the first election in my lifetime where we’re not electing an individual or a party platform, we’re choosing the culture we want. Never has the contrast been more dramatic.

On one end of the spectrum, we have divisiveness fueling an “us against them” mentality. At the other end, we have inclusion “all for one, one for all” mindset. This is the first time in my seven decades on this earth in which the contrast has been so stark.

In fairness, these differing mindsets have always existed and probably always will. There will always be abundance-minded people who want to assist the less fortunate, and others who feel that they are victims who are losing, or fear losing, what they possess to others.

Democrats have typically wanted to aid the less fortunate while Republicans want folks to take control of their lives and produce the lifestyle they desire. The vast majority of Americans fall somewhere in the middle. We want to encourage self-sufficiency because we know the joy it affords the person who achieves it. Plus we know that it’s better economically when talents and resources are well employed.

At the same time, we realize that some people have been dealt a more challenging hand than we have…and these people not only need, but deserve our help. In these situations, we’re happy to provide assistance that falls short of making them dependent upon us…dependence would rob them of their self-esteem.

Choosing a culture

Since this middle ground isn’t readily apparent in this election, the question becomes “Which culture do we want moving forward?”

Do we want a culture in which leadership chooses a side instead of finding common ground? A choice that fuels an “us versus them” mentality? That spawns violence instead of calming solutions? Nurtures, if not spawns, a victim mindset which creates boogeymen where none exist, yet dismisses real challenges as hoaxes? Derides those who identities are different than theirs rather than appreciating the commonality of our humanity?

Or do we want a culture in which we demonstrate, through our actions, genuine care and concern for the welfare of others…while encouraging them to greater heights? During these trying times we’ve seen countless news stories of people, young and old, who have gone out of their way to help others. They’ve given help where needed while preserving the self-esteem of those they’ve helped. They’ve shown the less fortunate respect and kindness.

This culture not only accepts each person’s right to their identity and religious persuasion, they fight for everyone’s right to their individuality. In doing so, they acknowledge and appreciate the commonality of humanity and its existence in all they meet.

The question is “In which culture would you prefer to live?”

For you

It’s not my right, or role, to tell you how to vote. I’m merely trying to highlight what I believe is the choice we’re really making this year.

For our kids

As you contemplate your choice, keep in mind that the choice you make is not just for you. It’s for your kids as well. Which culture do you want them to experience?

I love hearing your thoughts and experiences, please share your wisdom in a comment below.

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