you want your kids to be:

  • Confident…it’s an attractive quality and the foundation for success.
  • Successful in whatever they choose to do.
  • Happy…free of fear, anxiety, frustration.


…for achieving these goals.

  • Lead a Life of CONFIDENCE…a process for teaching kids how to be confident in any endeavor.
  • Stand Out From The Crowd…helping kids attract opportunities instead of pursuing them by teaching them how to overcome six natural tendencies that plague us all by virtue of our humanity.
  • One with the UNIVERSE…regardless of your religious or spiritual belief, teaches kids how to tap into the higher power, consciously and at will.

How much easier, and happier, would your and your kids’ lives be if all of you were more confident?


Teens in the Stand Out From The Crowd program unanimously reported an increase in confidence…and much more. Here are a couple of testaments to what they learned:

“[Dale] Your program has done so much for me that I am finding connections to unfamiliar things and challenging ideas daily; it has become such a norm that I forget it’s counterintuitive thinking…

…It has helped me connect the dots between everything I’ve learned in my life, and I feel like I’m extracting more from things than I ever have before.”

– Nicole Caldwell, student, Spark! Incubator, Parkway School District, St. Louis, MO

and Nick Graham’s LinkedIn post


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Learn to remain calm regardless of how dire the situation seems or how frantic those around you are.

For it’s in the calm that you are able to see solutions others don’t see.

This ability highlights your confidence and earns the admiration of other. As your reputation grows so does your influence and your ability to attract opportunities.

When you learn to be calm amidst chaos, you no longer have to pursue opportunities, you’ll attract them.

Parents are the most powerful influence in a child’s life.
For it’s through their parents’ behavior that children learn how to deal with daily challenges.

Treat yourself as well as your kids!

In this trilogy you’ll not only find a way to accelerate your child’s attainment of rich, full, happy life, you’ll enjoy one yourself. These are lessons that are NOT taught in schools, but should be the core of every curricula. For it’s through these lessons that we can create a more compassionate, nurturing, loving, supportive society.

Teach your kids to be consistently confident…


…even when they have no background or experience.

You and your kids will discover the secrets that took Dale from shy, insecure child to gregarious adult to having others say to him “I want your life.”


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As they become more consistently confident…


…they’ll confront 6 natural tendencies that we all possess by virtue of our humanity – tendencies that get in the way of our success.

Enhance your and your kids’ confidence through greater personal awareness. You’ll both find that you no longer have to pursue opportunities, you’ll attract them.


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When your kids Stand Out From the Crowd…


…teach them to tap into their subconscious mind.

No one has taught us that our subconscious mind is our connection to the universe, much less how to use it to gain confidence and enjoy greater success.


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  • Gender’s role Download
  • Redefining success Download
  • Better choices Download
  • Confidence myth Download
  • Enhancing self-image Download
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Dale Furtwengler

Dale speaks to parent groups, teachers, administrators, homeschool associations and school assemblies. He’s also available to collaborate with educators on how to incorporate this confidence, personal awareness trilogy into your curricula.


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