…you want your kids to be:

  • Confident – an attractive quality and the foundation of success.
  • Successful – in what they choose to do.
  • Happy – free of fear, anxiety and frustration.

Actually success and happiness are byproducts of being confident.


One of the little-known facts about confidence is that there are three levels of confidence. Each involves a different way of training your mind.

Here are excerpts from each of the three confidence programs:


“Your program has done so much for me that I am finding connections to unfamiliar things and challenging ideas daily; it has become such a norm that I forget it’s counterintuitive thinking…

…It has helped me connect the dots between everything I’ve learned in my life, and I feel like I’m extracting more from things than I ever have before.”

– Nicole Caldwell, Parkway School District, St. Louis, MO

Imagine the confidence your kids will enjoy as they see things their peers don’t see.

NOTE: The 2nd level of confidence involves retraining your mind to think counterintuitively…
…contrary to what our human nature suggests…hence the references to counterintuitive.


There are a number of resources available to you to help you teach your kids to be more confident:

Weekly insights into confidence including tips for you and for teaching your kids to be more confident.

These are the books on which the online and certification courses are built…an inexpensive way for you and your kids to build confidence.

Time is precious. Each program segment requires less than 15 minutes viewing time and includes a 15-minute daily exercise.


Here’s a great way for you to gain the admiration of your peers and boost your revenues.

  • Class sizes are limited to 10.
  • The course material is delivered via videoconferencing in weekly 1/2-hour sessions and a 15-minute daily exercise.
  • All sessions are recorded in case you miss a class…all exercises must be completed timely to get certification.
  • During each session after the first session, you’re required to report on what you learned and how you will use it in your work.
  • For life, business, sports coaches and energy workers, you’ll see increased demand for your services and increased price potential because you’re teaching confidence in addition to the other skills you bring to your clients’ lives.